Welcome to an all new digital travel magazine!

We are an unbeatable (so we like to think) travel team consisting of a Swedish journalist – Kristin – a Spanish photographer – David – and an Andalucian Podenco – Capote – sharing our time between a small rooftop apartment with lovely views of the cathedral of Sevilla, Spain, and our countryside finca. However, often we seem to be more on the road than at home.
We know everything about how to fly/drive/hitchhike/sail with a dog through Europe, sort out cancelled flights in India whilst getting caught up in the “rupee ban”, staying warm in -40 °C in Northernmost Sweden, changing rural buses in Cambodia and finding the nicest pubs in London. Travel is our passion and to motivate others to fulfill their journeys of a lifetime is our dream. What we do not know about IT-managing, blogging and English grammar goes, we will try to compensate with enthusiasm.

Kristin has worked as a freelance journalist for over a decade writing for a wide array of the biggest (and smallest!) Swedish magazines. Now she has decided to do her own thing, for you. For free.

David has been the official photographer for Sevilla FC for almost ten years, and has held various expositions with a focus on nature, architecture and local traditions. He has also won several awards for his work.

Any questions, suggestions, requests for blog posts? Write to us! We are happy to help.